Terms of Trade

Invitation to do business

The Products which appear on the Website are displayed as an invitation to do business and to allow you to make an offer to purchase the Products from www.thebedpro.co.za. Only when the Website Facilitator has communicated acceptance of your offer and capability to fulfil the order will an enforceable agreement of sale be transacted. In certain instances, the product you have selected for purchase may not immediately be available. In this instance, the required communication of acceptance from the Website Facilitator can only be communicated to you once we have confirmed availability of the product/s from our suppliers.

The price of any Products sold on the Website is payable in South African Rand and is inclusive of value added tax.

Place and time of agreement

Agreement as to the terms of use of the Website shall be deemed to have been accepted by you at the time that you first accessed the Website and thereafter confirmed each time that you access the Website and shall be deemed to have taken place in Johannesburg, Gauteng, Republic of South Africa.

All communications with us facilitated by the Website, via the Website Facilitator, our Support Call Centre or email communicated between us shall be deemed to have been received, in the case of communications initiated by us when the communication leaves the website or email server, and in the case of communications initiated by you, when it is received on the Website or email server.

Agreement and acceptance by us of an order placed by you shall be deemed to have been made and an agreement entered, when communication of the acceptance leaves the Website or email server.

Electronic communications

When you visit the Website or send e-mails to us, you are communicating with us electronically and you consent to receive communication from us electronically.

You agree that all agreements, notices, disclosures and other communications that we provide to you electronically satisfy any legal requirement that such communications be in writing. Further, that your acceptance of any terms or conditions applicable to the Website and transactions concluded using the Website, as well as your intent to enter into any transaction on the Website may be evidenced by any action by you from which this may reasonably be inferred.

Applicable law

The Website and all communications and transactions concluded using the Website, are governed by, and you agree to, the application of the laws of the Republic of South Africa. As the website is targeted at South African citizens and residents any limitations on implied warranties or the exclusion or limitation of certain damages which may be applicable under the laws of any other jurisdiction are expressly waived by you, and to the extent that they cannot be waived, you shall not enter into any transactions with us.

Transaction History

The transaction history may be accessed by you and is provided for information purposes only. This transaction history will show your electronic transactions performed on this Website only and will not reflect refunds, cancellations or other transactions. For a full and accurate transaction history, email us at info@tghebedpro.co.za and we will provide you with a copy of your statement.

Cancellations, Refunds and Returns

Defective Products:

www.thebedpro.co.za offers a warranty on the quality of the goods purchased, on behalf of and in line with the warranty policy undertaken by the manufacturer/supplier of the Products, provided that the Products have not been altered or used, contrary to the instructions. Warranty is usually 12 months from date of purchase and is a ‘repair warranty’, unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer.

If the Products are found to be defective during the warranty period, you may send an email to info@thebedpro.co.za, or alternatively, contact the manufacturer's service centre as indicated in the product information leaflet supplied with your Product. You shall also be required to produce the original invoice/ credit card/ debit card slip as proof of purchase. Where the Product is found to be defective, the manufacturer/supplier, shall, at its sole discretion.

(a) repair or replace the failed, unsafe or defective Product; or
(b) refund you the price paid for it.

Any refund due, will be made in the same manner as your original payment, i.e. to your credit card, debit card or cheque or savings account, as the case may be.

Disclosure of outlet country at time of payment

South Africa

If a Product purchased from www.thebedpro.co.za is not delivered within the agreed delivery period, or where no specific period was agreed, within 30 days after having purchased the Product, the ECT Act entitles you to cancel such sale on 7 (seven) days’ notice to www.thebedpro.co.za by phoning 0860000252

Should the Product purchased be unavailable, www.thebedpro.co.za shall notify you and issue a full refund within 30 (thirty) days after such notice. Non- defective Products - Right to “cool off”:

Products which are NOT defective or damaged or which you found to be unsuitable, can be returned within 7 (seven) days from date of delivery. This is subject to the Products being in its original condition, not tampered with, and the packaging/manuals/cables/remote control units etc. being in its original condition. You would be required to produce the original invoice/ credit card/ debit card or EFT slip as proof of purchase. You are then entitled to request cancellation of the sale of the Products in terms of Section 44 of the ECT Act and to obtain a refund. This is subject to a reasonable explanation being given for the refund request. The Bedpro is entitled to charge a handling fee of 15% of the original purchase price on such refunds. Returns may only be made after contacting The Bedpro at info@thebedpro.co.za.co.za, or on Share Call number 0860000252 and obtaining the standard Request For Return documentation. The purchased products are to be returned to www.thebedpro.co.za's nominated address, by the nominated courier service, at the expense of the purchaser. www.thebedpro.co.za can hold you liable for any damage caused to the Products whilst it is in your possession.

Advertising and Printed Material

Whilst we make every possible effort to ensure that all Product information and pricing in any form of communication material is factually correct at the time of communicating it to the public, we cannot be held responsible if any factual errors occur beyond our control. Some descriptions or photographs may be of a generic nature and not specific to the particular product you wish to purchase. However, should you be dissatisfied with the Product you receive for any reason, you are entitled to return the Product to www.thebedpro.co.za in accordance with clause 6.6 above. All prices are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated. All prices exclude delivery costs, unless otherwise stated. E&OE.

Delivery of the Products Policy

The anticipated time of delivery of any Products purchased via the Website shall be indicated at the time that any order is accepted by us.

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